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Each presented alternative has its own unique construction costs and implementation schedule that will need to be coordinated with project funding that has been previously awarded.  This page will summarize the existing project budget, costs for each alternative and the anticipated construction schedule.


The following construction funding is available:

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program (CMAQ)**                               $6,119,000

ODOT Urban Paving                                                                                               $1,904,000

City of Cleveland Road and Bridge Bonds                                                            $2,300,000

NOACA Transportation Alternatives Program                                                      $1,500,000


                                                                                                                     TOTAL  $11,823,000


**Secured amount is based on constructing a cycle-track from W65th to W20th.  Eligible amount for other cycling options requires evaluation by NOACA and could be reduced.

These are the estimated costs for each option:

Cost Estimate Notes:

1.  All costs are escalated to year 2023, using 7% inflation rate recommended in ODOT Inflation Calculator.

2.   Base Cost includes design, construction, and construction management of roadway reconstruction/rehabilitation including drainage and utilities.

3.  Enhancements include stamped/colored concrete crosswalks, brick pavers in walks, color accents for Multi-use Path/Cycle Track, street furniture, street trees.

4.  Enhancements will be selected during project design and are included here for budgetary purposes 

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Multi-use Path

Bike Lanes

Multi-use Path

Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes

Cycle Track

Cycle Track

Multi-use Path

Multi-use Path

Bike Lanes

West 44th to

West 20th

West 65th to

West 44th*

Base Cost

















Total Costs


Planning and Engineering Process

This project is currently in the planning process where conceptual design is developed and vetted.  During this time public feedback is also collected to help navigate the decision making process.  At the conclusion of the planning process a preferred alternative will be selected. 

With the preferred alternative selected and funding secured, the project will move into the engineering phase, where the details of the project are designed and construction plans are assembled. During this process public feedback will continue related to the details such as streetscape and landscape material selections, but the alternative will not be changed.  Once the engineering plans are complete the project will move into construction. 

Construction Schedule

Options within the construction budget will have a construction start date in 2023.

Options that require additional funding will be scheduled when the funding gap has been closed.  The City will pursue additional funding sources. If successful, the earliest construction start date would be in 2024.

The City will continue to identify and pursue funding sources. Depending on the size of the construction gap, several iterations and funding sources may be needed. The construction start date would be postponed accordingly beyond 2024.

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