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Several of the terms and definitions associated with this project may be new to you.  This page describes the terminology being used and provides examples and references where you can learn more about each design feature. 

Sidewalk-Level Cycle Track

Sidewalk-Level Cycle Track:  This is a cycle track raised to the same level as the adjoining sidewalk and intended for exclusive use by cyclists. Pedestrians would use the adjoining sidewalk. At signalized intersections, bicycle signal heads would be provided.  The actual details of the Lorain Avenue cycle track have not been developed yet, but the general operation of a raised cycle track is described here and bicycle signal heads here. The typical section shown below depicts the general layout of the sidewalk-level cycle track configuration along Lorain Avenue. 

Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes: Bike lanes are placed adjacent to and at the same level as the vehicular traffic lanes. They designate an exclusive space for bicyclists through the use of pavement markings and signage. General information is given here.  The typical section shown below depicts the general layout of the bike lane configuration along Lorain Avenue. 

Sidewalk-Level Multi-use Path

Sidewalk-Level Multi-use Path: As used along Lorain Avenue, this type of facility, also called Shared-Use Path, would result in an extra-wide sidewalk space shared by cyclists and pedestrians. It has different design requirements than a cycle track  because it does not prioritize use for cyclists and bicycle signal heads are not used. The width of the multi-use path proposed for Lorain Avenue is wide enough to allow for a separate cycling zone to be marked with pavers, paint, signs or other means. Cyclists are encouraged to use this cycling zone, but they should expect pedestrian encroachments. General information on Shared Use Paths can be found here. The typical section shown below depicts the general layout of the sidewalk-level multi-use path configuration along Lorain Avenue. 

Buffer/Amenity Strip

Buffer/Amenity Strip: Along Lorain Avenue a Buffer/Amenity Strip will be provided at sidewalk-level adjacent to both the Cycle Track and the Multi-use Path.  The width will be a minimum of 5' wide and will provide separation between the roadway and the bicycle facility.  The buffer strip/amenity strip can include a variety of features including plantings, streetscaping (street furniture, pavers, etc.), signing , artwork, etc.  These features have not yet been determined for Lorain Avenue but will be during detailed design. 

Transit Waiting Environment (TWE)

Transit Waiting Environment (TWE):  The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) has bus service that runs along Lorain Avenue.  The improvements along the corridor will need to accommodate the bus route along with pedestrians waiting at bus stops. Transit Waiting Environments (TWE) is a term that is used to describe the amenities that are available at each bus stop to pedestrians waiting for the next bus.  These amenities include the bus stop and shelter,  street furniture, landscaping, wayfinding signs, etc. These treatments have not yet been developed for the Lorain Avenue corridor but will be during detailed design. 

For more information regarding TWE please see GCRTA's TWE Idea book here and GCRTA's Bus Stop Design Guidelines here.

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